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114q32.3 by FISH IGH gene rearrangement (ALL, NHL), Blood13704FISHADaily: 2 pm8th day
214q32.3 by FISH IGH gene rearrangement (ALL, NHL), Bone Marrow13704FISHADaily: 2 pm8th day
314q32.3 by FISH IGH gene rearrangement (NHL), Tissue20208FISHANULL8th day
417-Hydroxy Corticosteroids, Urine 24H9000Column ChromatographyRThu: 2 pm4th day
517-Hydroxy Progesterone (17-OHP), Neonatal Screen Dried Blood Spot (DBS)950EIAASun, Wed: 2pm3rd day
617-Hydroxy Progesterone (17-OHP), Serum3204RIARDaily: 2 pm3rd day
717-Ketosteroids, Urine 24H8532Column ChromatographyRMon: 2 pm3rd day
83-Methyl Histidine Quantitative, Serum16380HPLCRSun, Wed: 2pm5th day
93-Methyl Histidine Quantitative, Urine16260HPLCRSun, Wed: 2pm5th day
105 Hydroxy Indole Acetic Acid (HIAA), Urine 24H5850HPLCRMon, Thu: 2pm4th day
11Abnormal Haemoglobin Studies (Hb Variants), Blood1680HPLCAMon, Wed, Fri Cut off: 1.00pm2nd day
12Acetone Ketone, Serum1050BiochemicalRDaily: 2 pmsame day
13Acetone Ketone, Urine1080DipstickRDaily: 8am to 3. 30pm6 hrs
14Acetyl Choline Receptor Antibodies (AChR Ab), Serum7200RIARMon, Wed, Fri: 2pm4th day
15Acetylcholinesterase (RBC) OPC poisoning, Blood3456BiochemicalASun,Wed: 2pm3rd day
16Acetylcholinesterase OPC poisoning, Plasma2189BiochemicalRSun,Wed: 2pm3rd day
17Acid Lipase Disorder (Wolman disease)18570NULLADaily: 2 pm16th day
18ACTH Stimulation Test For 17 OH progesterone (3 samples), Serum7120RIARMon, Wed, Fri: 2pm3rd day
19ACTH Stimulation Test For Aldosterone (3 samples), Serum10290RIARThu: 2 pm3rd day
20ACTH Stimulation Test For Androstenedione (3 samples), Serum8720CLIARMon, Wed, Fri: 2pm3rd day