Allergy Testing AT MODERN

An allergy test does not require surgery and is a non-invasive medical procedure. In Nepal, this type of allergy treatment/procedure is relatively affordable, and the modern diagnostic center offers a wide range of allergy testing. Mostly because the specialist's skill set and expertise may not need to be as great as they may be for other operations. Medical records, reports, or other supporting documentation may be requested for the expert to evaluate prior to treatment for Allergy Testing.


Because Allergy Testing is non-invasive, there is no downtime, so you won't have to worry about recuperation or aftercare. However, if a consultation leads to surgery, you should expect a lengthy period of rest to follow. In most situations, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the outcome.


At Modern Diagnostic Center(MDC), we offer allergy tests for Various Panels as per the requirement of the Patient.


There are various types of panels that are available for patients in Modern Diagnostic Center such as:

Includes allergence in Panel I - IX

(i) Allergy Food Panel

a. Food Panel - Vegetarian Food

b. Food Panel - Non-Vegetarian Food

(ii) Allergy Dust and Mite Panel

(iii) Allergy Animal Panel

(iv) Allergy Mold Panel

(v) Allergy Combo Panel

(vi) Allergy Tree Panel

(vii) Allergy Inhalent Panel

(viii) Pediatric Panel

(ix) Eczema Panel