About Modern Diagnostics Center: Know its facilities and services 

Modern Diagnostic Center Nepal is a fast growing network of diagnostic laboratories in Nepal. The mission is to provide affordable diagnostic solutions for a wide range of tests available for everyone. Our labs and collection centers use state-of-the-art equipments that help provide accurate test results within clinically relevant time. Our labs offer 100s of tests ranging from the simplest screening to advanced tests under molecular pathology, cytogenetics, histopathology & hematology. We also provide on-demand Sample Home collection facility.

Modern Diagnostics Center(MDC) was established with the core motto: A Clear Vision, A New Beginning Of Top Level Pathology Laboratory Service.

In the valley, the Modern Diagnostic Center (MDC) is considered a pathology pioneer. MDC began operating in Kathmandu in 2017, at a time when Nepal's pathology service was just getting established. With more than 2500 tests performed internally, MDC is currently among the best diagnostic centers in terms of variety and quality.

You can get various services like modern health packages, modern health services, and  modern pathology lab services. Also, if you want to get some of your tests done, MDC provides more than 79 tests like PCR test, blood test, sugar test and urine tests.


Why Modern Diagnostic Center?

Modern Diagnostic Center Nepal is a rapidly expanding diagnostic laboratory network in Nepal. The goal is to make affordable diagnostic solutions for a variety of tests available to everyone. 

Modern technology is used in our pathology labs and collection facilities to provide reliable test findings in a timely manner for clinical usage. Numerous tests are available through our diagnostic laboratory service, ranging from simple screening to complex testing in molecular pathology, cytogenetics, histopathology, and hematology. We also offer an on-demand Sample Home collection.



  • To be a trusted brand with a pan-Nepal footprint, providing superior diagnostic laboratory services to the masses at an affordable price through innovative means.

  • Pan-Nepal Footprint of a Reliable Brand

  • Diagnostic Services of the Highest Quality

  • Accessibility

  • Affordable Innovation


Features in Modern Diagnostic Center

In  a very short period of time, Modern Diagnostic Center has grown its reach to many of their customers in Nepal providing various features like:

  1. Proper Setup and Location

  • The Most Advanced Laboratories in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Each lab has qualified technicians and scientists on staff.

  • All protocols are in accordance with ISO, NABL, and CAP guidelines.


  1. Providing Excellent Customer Service

  • Our aim at Modern Diagnostic Center Nepal Pvt.Ltd is to provide our clients with dependable and accurate diagnostic laboratory services at reasonable pricing in a customer-centric way.

  • Keeping up with technical improvements in diagnostics and providing our customers with access to the most recent developments in diagnostic medicine


  1. Prioritize Quality And Laboratory Infrastructure

  • Modern Diagnostic Centres are committed to providing world-class quality and are outfitted with cutting-edge technology.


  1. Laboratory Infrastructure & Quality Are The Priorities

  • Modern Diagnostic Centers have state-of-the-art equipment since they are dedicated to providing care of the highest caliber.



To be a Trusted Brand having Pan-Nepal footprint, making Superior Quality Diagnostics Services Accessible to the masses at Affordable Price through Innovative means.

  •  Trusted Brand
  •  Pan-Nepal Foot Print
  •  Superior Quality Diagnostics Services
  •  Accessibility
  •  Affordable
  • Innovation


Services Offered in Modern Diagnostics Center

  • Health Packages



Active Men Package < 40 Years

Rs. 3860

Active Women Package < 40 Years

Rs. 4230

Basic Health Check Patient Package

Rs. 1550

Diabetes Screening Advance

Rs. 2250


Rs. 2160

Healthy Heart Patient Package

Rs. 2250


Rs. 3750


Rs. 4500

  • Lab Services:

    • Allergy Testing AT MODERN

    • Comprehensive Biochemistry

    • Comprehensive Hormonal and Tumor Assays

    • Cytogenetics

    • Hematology AND Coagulation

    • Histopathology & Cytopathology

    • Microbiology

    • Molecular Diagnostics

    • Serology and Immunology

  • Book a test:

MDC offers various types of tests (blood test, urine test, sugar test, etc.) in their labs. You can select a Test Name, Test Code, MRP, Method, Ship At, Test Schedule, Reported On and View Details on EDOS section. After you search for your required test that you want to have, you can book for that test on the test offered section.

  • View reports

You can directly view your medical report after you register and login into the website. After you select the test and visit the lab for the checkup and test, you can view your report through the website.

  • Home collection

If you want to have your sample to be collected from your home, the Modern Diagnostic Center has provided the option to do so. You can select the option of which test you want to have and our staff will come to your home to collect the sample of the test you have selected.

  • Find a lab

Currently, the pathology lab is located in only one place but MDC is planning to extend its service to various locations so the patient can easily visit our lab to get their test checked up. At this time, we are only available at the location: Amrit Bhawan Third Floor, Narayangopal Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Brochures

You also can read about the other services we provide on the brochures section. Complete Health Package For All Ages, Osteo Modern Ra Panel, Gynae Complete Portfolio In MDC, Routine Investigation, Fertility & Thrombosis Details brochures are available on the site currently.



The MDC has been a pioneer in the field of pathology in the city for many years. It has diagnostic laboratory services with many services. You can book an appointment and also contact us for any of your queries.