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21ACTH Stimulation Test For Cortisol (3 samples), Serum3686CLIARDaily: 8am to 3. 30pm3rd day
22ACTH Stimulation Test For DHEAS (3 samples), Serum5290CLIARDaily: 8am to 3. 30pm3rd day
23Actinomycetes Culture, Sputum2260CultureRDaily: 2 pmUpto 2-6 days
24Actinomycetes Culture, Tissue2290CultureRDaily: 2 pmUpto 2-6 days
25Actitest and Fibrotest Liver fibrosis and Inflammation Score, Serum29540BiochemicalRDaily: 2 pm6th day
26ACTN3 genotyping Sports Gene, Blood8450PCR - SequencingAWed: 2pm11th day
27Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Panel -14 RNA Viruses + 5 DNA Viruses + 4 Bacteria + 1 Parasite + 1 Fungus, CSF48910PCRADaily: 2 pm7th day
28Acyl Carnitine, Quantitative, Neonatal Dried Blood Spot9290Tandem mass spectrometryRDaily: 2 pm11th day
29Adenosine Deaminase (ADA).1160BiochemicalRDaily: 8am to 3. 30pmsame day
30Adenovirus DNA detection, Eye swab7340PCRRDaily: 2 pm11th day
31Adenovirus IgG Antibody, Serum2830EIARWed: 2pm3rd day
32Adenovirus IgM Antibody, Serum2830EIARWed: 2pm3rd day
33Adiponectin, Serum5760EIAR1st, 3rd Tue at 2pm4th day
34ADRB2 Genotype For B2 Agonist Reponsiveness, Blood8755PCR - SequencingADaily: 2 pm11th day
35Adrenaline (Epinephrine), Plasma5860EIARTue: 2pm5th day
36Adrenaline (Epinephrine), Urine 24H5860HPLCRTue: 2pm5th day
37Adreno Corticotropic Hormone (ACTH), Plasma3060CLIAR / FDaily: 2 pm3rd day
38AFB-detection by smear examination Fluroscence Microscopy Pus, abscess and aspirates1050Flourescent stain and microscopyRDaily: 2 pm4th day
39AFB-detection by smear examination Fluroscence Microscopy, BAL & other respiratory samples1050Flourescent stain and microscopyRDaily: 2 pm4th day
40AFB-detection by smear examination Fluroscence Microscopy, Body fluids1050Flourescent stain and microscopyRDaily: 2 pm4th day