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121Aldosterone, Urine 24H5340EIARMon, Thu: 2pm4th day
122Aldosterone, Serum4030EIARMon, Thu: 2pm4th day
123Aldosterone/Renin ratio Aldosterone/PRA ratio8150EIA, RIARMon, Thu: 2pm4th day
124Alk/NPM1;t(2;5) Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, Blood9870FISHADaily: 2pm9TH DAY
125Alk/NPM1;t(2;5) Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Bone marrow9870FISHADaily: 2pm9TH DAY
126Alk/NPM1;t(2;5) Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Tissue / FFPE17560FISHADaily: 2pm12TH DAY
127ALK1 / EML4 by FISH Non Small Cell Lung Carcinoma, Tissue25380FISHADaily: 2pm14TH DAY
128Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes Electrophoresis, Serum11520ElectrophoresisRWed: 2pm4th day
129Alkaline Phosphatase with Bone Fraction Ostase, Serum8208CLIARSun, Wed: 2pm4th day
130Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum240BiochemicalRDaily: 8am to 3. 30pm6 hrs
131Allergen, Individual-Animal Cat Dander3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm3rd day
132Allergen, Individual-Animal Chicken Feather3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day
133Allergen, Individual-Animal Cow Dander3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm3rd day
134Allergen, Individual-Animal Dog Dander3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm3rd day
135Allergen, Individual-Animal Goat Epithelium3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day
136Allergen, Individual-Animal Guinea Pig Epithelium3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day
137Allergen, Individual-Animal Hamster Epithelium3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day
138Allergen, Individual-Animal Horse Dander3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm3rd day
139Allergen, Individual-Animal Mouse Epithelium3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day
140Allergen, Individual-Animal Parrot Feather3060ImmunocapRDaily: 2pm7th day